Traveling from Ikorodu to Lagos Island is not a far distance, cannot be trekked and it is like 1 hour distance depending on your preferred choice of transportation.

On this blog post, I will highlight some of the 2 (two) means of traveling from Ikorodu to Lagos island. The fastest, cheapest, and people’s preferred choice.

What factors do people consider before choosing their mode of transport

  • Boarding fee
  • Time to reach destination
  • Safety

The 3 (three) major listed above factors to consider before traveling from Ikorodu to Lagos Island is Boarding fee, Time to reach destination (Movement time), & Safety.

Let’s talk about what we just listed above very briefly.

Boarding fee: This is the amount of money you are asked to pay before you can be transported from your boarding point to final destination. There are some factors to consider too which are: Journey distance, Price of energy (Petrol or diesel) and weather.

Putting this into consideration is what will determine the boarding fee. Some people income  rate also will make them source for cheaper alternatives.

In Nigeria, There is no unnecessary spending everyone spend his/her income wisely.

Time to reach destination: This can be determined by calculating the meters of the journey.

Safety: The question asked is, Is it safe to fly on this means of transport? Many people consider this too before choosing their means of transportation.

What are the means of transportation for traveling from Ikorodu to Lagos Island

Boat by Water: This is the fastest means of moving from Ikorodu to Lagos island (To and fro) and it is also quite expensive ranging from one thousand naira to One thousand five hundred naira.

It is expensive because it is fast and the time to reach the destination is like 25 minutes not up to an hour like other alternatives.

Bus by Road: Traveling through bus is cheap and it is time consuming up to 1 hour depending on the road, weather and other factors.

The price range goes from 500 (Five hundred naira) upward depending on the listed above factors.

Many people will choose Bus over Water because it is safe and cheaper while water is a 50/50 chances and it is also quite expensive.

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