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My travel experience from Lagos to Ibadan. It was my elder sister’s convocation in one of Nigeria’s most famous university “Lead city university” in Ibadan.

I and my mom had to wake up as early as 5:00 am to prepare and board a bus at the park. As at that time in Nigeria, things was not very expensive prices was still fair and okay for everyone at a parallel level.

My mom board the bus at Ojota park which we were charged 700 naira for a seat. As a young boy at that time why would i sit on a 700 chair in a bus Lol.

My mom carried me on her lap and 5:00 am the bus zoom off. At some point i was getting tired because the journey was far and no stop point to rest.

Before 9:00 am we got to Ibadan. Ibadan is a beautiful city in Oyo state Nigeria and one of the biggest in Africa dominated by the yoruba people.

To continue with my experience, after the bus dropped us on the road my sister who was graduating that day was ready to welcome and take us to where the venue will take place.

We decided to take water to clear or thirst, No this was not the regular water taste in Lagos, this was totally different but we had no choice than to take what we see. We are in a No man’s land.

She took us to the school environment and i was very happy to see different graduates from each department. My sister friends came to greet my mom and we took amazing pictures.

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Eventually it was time to step into the hall and witness this great event. The school gave a rule that each graduant must not invite more than two people into the hall.

Moreover, I and my mom will be the one to represent (My mom as the Mother and I as the Father) Lol. Unfortunately, i was stopped at the gate and we asked the security personnel reasons for that and he said the gentleman here is not up to 18 years of age, he’s a kid.

I was shocked and was asked to stay outside while my mom and sister step into the hall.

The big boy was out there touring the school compound and buying things for himself. Every two hours my mom will come out to check if I’m still outside.

I enjoyed myself and my day was filled with happiness.

She has received her certificate and it was time to go home, she didn’t go back with us to Lagos because she will be packing her things to Lagos and preparations need to be done.

We board a bus and before 7:00 pm we got to Lagos. Everyone was happy to receive the gist and the certificate.

That was one of my happiest day and one i wished for myself.

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