I have been a blogger for the past 3 years now and i haven’t been getting tons of dollars but little bucks to sustain myself as a Nigerian student.

On today’s blog, i will be sharing with you my blogging life. How i started, the process and where it has taken me to.

What is blogging

Blogging is the act of writing content that solves real people’s problems in form of text, image or video using website blog to deliver.

Blogging is a lucrative business that has changed lives of many individuals for better and they are still into it.

I started blogging professionally in 2020 when i enrolled for a web design course in a Nigerian tech school in Ikorodu area, Lagos state.

As a novice to blogging and i really want to go far in the business i decided to dumb all my self thought blogging practices and reach out to people who have been in the game before me but many of them turned me down due to insufficient fund to pay for courses.

I pleaded with some of them and promised to give them my first cashout from blogging but they never accepted my offer.

I began to move closer to youtube and it became my best friend. Along the line, i spoke to my web design mentor who was putting me through the craft to help me setup a blog website which he did and i paid him few bucks for the hosting, domain and ssl. The joy in me cannoned be measured as at that time.

Along the line of being an entertainment blogger, which is the easiest niche to venture into it was really hard for a beginner like me, No mentor, No role model to put me through the skill everything was done all by myself.

During my one year of blogging i made around $20 plus which was not impressive and the depressing part was that the website hosting expired which got me depressed and i had to start afresh.

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In the following year, February i created a new entertainment blog with a sub niche of lyrics, instrumentals and more. I was very happy doing all this.

My first cashout was $11 from an ad network, this was part of the motivation behind my blogging journey. After some months i was able to make over $140 from my google Adsense account worth 89,000 (eighty nine thousand naira) so much joy in my face as a young boy and self thought blogger making that huge amount of money.

The second pay I’m supposed to get from the account was around $160 before my Adsense account was banned and this kept me in a depressed mood. Due to motivations from my families i had to keep pushing and i tried other monetization method which was also really good.

Got paid over $120 into my crypto wallet while in school. The joy of making money as a student was there and the big boy attitude in me pumped out.

Many of my fries do ask me what i do because I spend most of my time on Laptop and they really want to know the secret behind it. I told them everything and they were all amazed to hear that.

Some asked if i could teach them the skills which I promised to do while so praised my efforts.

Blogging has really been part of me and it is one of the best skill i have learnt by myself without any mentorship program or lectures.

I do follow some of my the top Nigerian bloggers making millions of naira from this skill and their earnings has really motivated my efforts. Role models such as waploaded ceo, Naijaloaded ceo and more has been the energy behind my blogging success.

In my next article, i will be talking more on my blogging journey and how i want to take it far and also become a mentor to new and rising bloggers in the industry.

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