Working at a tender age makes you look mature and the joy of making money for yourself without asking your parent is another Joy.

I want to share my experience working in a tech school in Ikorodu, how i started and when i left there but before i start i will like to re-introduce myself. Why am i doing this, to allow people who are visiting my travel blog for the first time know who is behind the wheel driving.

So let’s dive into the real deal. Get to know me, what i do, my occupations and when i published my blog.


I am Kazeem Faruq, popularly known by my friends and followers as Pablo, Waveboi Mill, Flakie. I am a Nigerian blogger, I am a Nigerian from ikorodu, in Lagos state.

I began my blogging journey while i was 17 (Seventeen). Blogging has been on my blood and it is one of the skill i wish to prosper with.

I also learnt some skills in 2020, Web design & development, graphic design, UI/UX design also known as product design. I really spent a lot of money acquiring the listed above skills.

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And one of my intentions of learning those skills is to monetize myself. Make money for myself, feed my families and live happily without requesting for anything from my parents.

This is all i have to say about myself.

How my tech Journey started and acquiring my first job at the age of 18

In 2022, two months after my UI/UX design course. I showed up at my tech school where I learnt web design and development to pick up my certificate as a certified developer. Getting there the certificate was not available and i was asked lot of questions.

Questions like what are you doing right now, what can you do and show me your projects.

I showed him some of my projects and he asked if can teach UI/UX design and i told him I can’t teach.

After thinking about it for some time I accepted the offer and the following Monday I resumed the job. I know you are wondering this guy didn’t mention the pay.

Yes we agreed on a pay, i was asked how much i charge for the course for a month and as a big boy in town I didn’t think about that, gave him a straight answer 100k sir. One hundred thousand naira what? I can’t pay you that. I will pay 50k, i agreed and resumed the job.

On my resumption day, I was introduced to my students as their new product design tutor and they were all happy to have me.

Taking the course in that school was fun and amazing. The student and I the tutor relate in a brotherly manner and we exchanged contact.

Many resources were shared among them and practical were on going’s steadily. I made sure they understood everything i was teaching and if there is any questions they may have, feel free to speak.

Starting my travel blog experience

Starting a blog is not an easy task, since it’s something i love doing it became part of me. I deliver articles on a daily basis like i had no other job to take care of.

Thanks for reading my blog, Please share with your friends on other social media platforms and also leave a comment below.

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