On this blog, i will be sharing my experience as a Nigerian private university student, caleb to be precised.

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To begin with my story, After all the admissions processes and stress school fees, text book, fees and some exceptional fees has been paid, we are recognized as a true student of the university.

We resumed on the 31st of october 2022 at Magodo, Lagos Nigeria, where our educational activities will take place and hostel. We toured around the school to see how it looks like and the beauty.

Meeting new people was also part of the sweetest thing you will ever experience in university. New friends, new rivals, and lecturers.

Everyone introduced each other one the first day and before you know it we have gotten to know each other better as time goes on. It was a sweet beginning not knowing we still have lot of challenges to face ahead.

After everyone was shown their various hostels, we get to know each other as roommates and setup rules and cooperation among ourselves because we will be living together as you all know.

We were six in my room and we managed cooperation among each other. Most of my roommates were my course mates which i think was a very good advantage to me and to them.

Going to school was really easy, the school bus will pick us up in the morning and return us back to the hostel in the evening, thou the stressful part has began.

There was no way for us to skip or miss classes, we were monitored and strictly treated. We didn’t know what we had as of that time until we lost it.

Fast forward to May, we were all moved to the school main campus. we were all happy to hear the news not knowing it will be very hard to cope with other students life over there.

Things was very expensive such as food, water, snacks and other things we will be needing.

It is time to be disciplined, there is a school rules every student must abide to unless you want to be suspended. Almost every two week’s students get suspended and expelled from the school. That’s how though it is.

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Students are allowed to come out of their hostel by 7am in the morning and before 8:30 in the night everyone is expected to be in their various hostel rooms. Nobody is to be seen outside after 8:30.

If found outside after 8:30 the victim will have to face the school disciplinary committee. This is the committee that will determine if you will be staying in the school or go home.

Rule and regulations are one of caleb university core values you have to abide as a student and there won’t be chance for indecency.

Talking about school wears:

There is also a rule guiding what we wear. On Monday, every student is expected to be on cooperate wear, same as Tuesday.

On Wednesday, students are to put on sport wears and sneakers. Thursday is also for cooperate while friday is for Native wears.

Coming to caleb university has been one of the worse experiences of my life. Thanks for reading my blog.

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