Lagos is one of the most popular cities in Nigeria, even Africa at large. It is one of the cities that has the largest population and it is filled with business men and women.

Every person’s mentality in lagos is smartness. You have to be smart before you live in Lagos city.

During the colonial era, Lagos was the federal capital territory of Nigeria before it was moved to its permanent site in Abuja. Abuja is the new Lagos state (the federal capital territory, state house and official ceremonies are being celebrated in Abuja).

What can i say about Lagos state Nigeria

Many people think Lagos state has lot of opportunities such as Job opportunity, Business opportunity, and other opportunities that have lot of advantages.

What tribe in Nigeria dominate Lagos? The yoruba people dominated Lagos state, the western people are the Yoruba’s.

According to history, they are direct descendants of eledumare (God). Oduduwa is the ancestors of the Yoruba’s who come through a chain from eledumare.

What are the Foods you will see in Lagos

Lots of foods, hotels, restaurants and beaches are in Lagos.

One of the most popular foods street food in Lagos is Bread and beans. It is said to be consumed by people on the street of Lagos and it is very cheap and can last longer for hours.

Bread and Pepsi is another food eaten by people on Lagos of street commonly consumed by Labour forces, Laborers such as (Bricklayers, Carpenters, Welders, Students and more).

the cheapest amount of bread you can get in Lagos is around one hundred naira upward and pepsi is around one hundred naira too before it increased to two hundred naira in 2022.

Potatoes, Yam and stew is also a popular street food in Lagos. It is sold mostly in afternoon and consumed by school students who eat it for fun and it is very cheap.

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You can get one potato for as low as ten naira, twenty naira depending on the vendor and the stew is free. It can be consumed with fried fish, meat, Ponmo (cow skin).

Suya and Garri: This is one of the best combinations of food in Lagos Nigeria, Suya is made from meat, and garri from cassava also called cassava flakes.

Suya is sold at Nigeria on street junctions and it is very cheap….. Six pieces of sliced suya can go as far as 100 naira and there are some that are special or made from chicken.

Kelichi: This is also made from meat but it is processed in a different way, dried under sun for days and sold mostly in the federal capital territory Abuja. It is sold based on the amount you would like to consumed for instance 200 naira kelichi, 500 naira kelichi and more depending on your satisfaction.

Lagos is a very sweet city to stay in Nigeria. Many scenes you will experience from struggling to board bus to market prices inflation and more. It is categorized as one of the best place to stay in Nigeria.

Lot of companies searching for individuals to employ are in Lagos.

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