Burger is a very nutritious sides and it is not popular in Nigeria in the sense that some Nigerians can’t do without it in a week due it’s nourishment.

What comprises of a burger and the nutritions attached to it.

  • Burger donut
  • Boneless Chicken
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese butter
  • Tomatoes

The listed above comprises of a nourish filled burger.

How did i discover this food

Discovering burger was an excitement for me. Checking through a Nigerian food delivery app “Jumia food” to order a meal for myself on a faithful day which is “Fried rice and chicken” i came across burger.

I asked for the price and it was really affordable but as a Nigerian student you can’t spend your feeding allowances on what’s not important.

I wishlist the product and it has been on my mind like song lyrics. When i got home for holiday i told my elder brother which i was staying with about the food.

He already knew about the chicken burger but the moment i told him he asked me if i will like to get one for myself. Immediately i said yes, Like who am i to resist that huge offfer (My cravings) wants to be given to me for free, ohh that sounds so sweet.

Same day and some few hours, the product I wishlist on the delivery app was still there so i checked it again and order for four burgers. The process was smooth and it was not time consuming at all.

I have tried ordering different food from the app and their response and delivery was 99.5% said and done in no time.

The joy in my face when this awaiting burger arrived was unmeasurable because i have been craving for this thing for so long.

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Me eating the burger and twisting my tongue like it’s my first time eating a delicious food.

Process of buying burger, chicken and chips while going to school

I want to share with you guys the process i went through buying burger, chicken and chips on my way to school.

I got to the restaurant around 12:00 noon on a Sunday afternoon wanting to buy my cravings. I walked up to the attendant and i was asked what i wanted to order.

I described everything i was ordering and it was 2 quantity each cause I’m also buying for a friend in school, he sent me his money hours before getting there.

I was about to pay in transfer but she told me they don’t accept e-transfer, either in cash or pos (Card).

I asked myself this question “How do i do it now” luckily for me there was a guy in there “A pos operator” that charges to withdraw any amount of your choice. I withdrew 9,500 naira for what i will be buying cause I already have my transport fare with me.

After calling my order ID to come forth and get what i order everything was complete and i moved on with my journey.

I got to the bus stop at around 1:30 pm and before 2:00 the bus moved.

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