As a user of any financial institution (Banks) in Nigeria you are required to own an 11 digit Bank verification code (BVN), which shows your identity across multiple banks. Learn how to get bvn number on your phone and how to navigate through NIBSS BVN Retrieval Portal.

What is BVN

BVN also known as bank verification code is an 11 digit unique code assigned to each individuals that carries all his or her information that can be tracked by the central bank of Nigeria and can also be used to create multiple bank accounts in different banks.

It consists of enough informations of its assigned user such as the user full name, user age and date of birth, home address, finger print and lot more can be retrieved through bvn.

Getting a BVN number is simple and straightforward. It is free and will be issued within 24 hours of enrolling.

Important reasons why you should get a BVN number:

  • It helps to secure your account against unauthorized access
  • It helps you track all your transactions on any bank linked to your BVN
  • Fast transaction from your bank

How to get BVN Number

To get your BVN Number, you need to visit your preferred bank to enroll for one and it will be sent to you through SMS message within 24 hours of applying.

Informations you need to get a BVN number

  • Your correct full name
  • Personal identification card (ID card) e.g NIN slip, National ID card, Voters card, and other acceptable identification means
  • Finger print
  • Face capturing
  • Current home address and Nationality
  • At least one recent passport photograph

How to get BVN number on phone

To get your BNV number on your mobile phone is quite simple, Simply dial *565*0# wait for it to finish processing and your bvn details will be displayed in seconds.

Also note that service fee of 20 Naira will be charge to check on your phone.

This method works on any sim operators in Nigeria either 9mobile, Glo, MTN or Airtel. The code works perfectly.

How can I get my BVN without my sim card?

Kindly go to your bank, they will help you sort it out perfectly.

NIBSS BVN Retrieval Portal

It is advisable to visit your bank or dial the code *565*0# to check your bvn for security reasons.

If there’s any other information about NIBSS bvn retrieval portal, this information will surely be updated immediately we find out about it.

Kindly note that, we only provide fully verified informations.

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