Traveling and at the same time running a business can be a very tasking job. Business is not easy to manage and as a business owner you have two thinkings which are :

  • Growth of the business
  • Failure of the business

No entrepreneur would ever for his own downfall and failure, Never success and profit earning is their priority.

Let’s define what a business is, objectives and what business model you can start while on travel leaving your 4 to 5 work to focus on a profitable income stream.

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What is business

Business is simply what people do to earn a living.

Business is the buying and selling of outputs such as finished goods and services in order to make profit.

Business is all about human interaction buying, selling, and getting reward for it which is profitability.

Objectives of business

There are many objectives of business, why do you want to start a business, what problems are you solving and what strategies do you have to solve this problems that meet expected demand of the market or consumers.

  1. Profit Earning: Profit earning is the main objective of a business owner either a sole proprietor, partnership, or shareholders. They will always think about the profitability/reward size. Without you solving the problems of the market you can’t earn profit.
  2. Customer Creation: This are the consumers that will consume your products. This is done after which you have successfully identified consumers need, researched the market, examined competitors products and lot more. The next step is to create a product for your customers, you already know them.
  3. Growth: Growth is very important in a business, growth in the sales income, growth in customer, and making use of opportunities that is growth. Businesses also has a main focus for growth.
  4. Survival: How do we survival in this business niche, this is where strategies comes in from the top managers of the organization. What is strategic management: This is what managers do to develop organizations strategy, their weaknesses, strengths & threats. What methods do managers use to identify this problems for survival. We have the Swot and Pestle. Swot identifies the internal surrounding of the business such as threats, weaknesses, and strengths while pestle is analyze the political, economic, social, technology, legal environment of the business, how it affect and new opportunities for the organization.
  5. Increase in productivity: This is the more increase in output than what is out in the business. you actually make more with less resource put into.

The listed above objectives should be done as an entrepreneur and business owner.

What are the business models i can engage in while on travel

  1. Dropshipping: This is a profitable business anyone can start from the comfort of their home, which is selling of products on your website and you find customers to buy like running ads on social media platforms like instagram, facebook, tiktok and more. you don’t keep the product in your warehouse, when users order this product on your website, you will then order the product from the supplier of the product down to the consumer billing address.
  2. Selling of digital products: Sell your own digital products
  3. Blogging: Blogging can be done anywhre from your comfort zone and it is profitable

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