There are lot of amazing food spots in Ikorodu lagos but in this article i will be going straight to the best and most popular ones people do patronize a lot.

Ikorodu is a local government area in Lagos state  popularly know as a small village which has been civilized more than what people expected. Over two decades now, Ikorodu has produced thousands of educated Nigerians, businessmen & women, & talented.

The likes of popular Nigerian musicians such as Bhadboi timz, Zlatan Ibile, Asake, are all indigenes of ikorodu by birth. They have made names for themselves home and Abroad which each of them having over 500 thousand followers on instagram.

5 Popular Food spot and restaurants you should know in Ikorodu

Dominos Pizza: This is a popular snacks company with main focus in producing pizza and  Ice cream from its sister company “Cold stone”.

They offer amazing flavors of pizza and Ice cream such as Barbecue Chicken pizza, cheese filled and lot more in different sizes such as Small, large and medium.

Their products are cheap and affordable which goes from four thousand four hundred naira upward. Each pizza comes with sizes such as donuts and a plastic soft drink, and you can order chicken drum to garnish your meal.

Chicken Republic: This is one of my favorite food restaurant in Ikorodu with little touch of American recipes. Chicken republic products is affordable for the rich and average Nigerians that wants to buy.

What do they sell? They have catalog of menu with items such as Chicken burger, Fried rice, Coleslaw, chicken & chips, jollof spaghetti, chicken & soft drinks.

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They also have their food in combos which is combination of burger and fried rice and a drink.

Their prices goes as low as two thousand naira upward depending on what your buying and the quantity.

The Place food: This is also one of my favorite restaurants in Ikorodu with international standards and affordable meals. The place is mainly focused on food and snacks.

They have different varieties of food such as fried rice, Asun rice, fried Plantains, chicken, turkey, fish, Barbecue chicken in stew, and snacks such as meatpie, eggroll, fish roll and lot more can be found on their menu.

Their food range from three thousand naira upward.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken): Have you tasted any of their products? if no you are missing something.

KFC has always been my favorite and nothing can change that, the taste of their zinger double burger is so amazing that if you consume one your marginal utility will increase because you will always want more to satisfy yourself.

What do they have on their menu? Collections on their menu start with Burger, Chicken and chips, Fried rice and lot more.

They have 4.5 star ratings from me. I have tried their burger, Chicken and chip and all way amazing.

Buka Hut: Buka hut is a Nigerian delicacy restaurant mainly focused on Nigerian food. I haven’t tried any of their meal but people who have tried it gave amazing reviews and rating for their service.

What do they have on their menu list: Ofada rice, Fried rice, Fish stew, Meat stew, Amala and Abula and lot more.

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